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Welcome to our online campus. THanks for visiting!

Let’s Go On This Journey Together

“We have provided some detailed information about our church here in hopes that you can get to know and understand our church family.  You will find that the people who make up the church are at the same stages of life as you, walking the same paths of life and struggling to get by just like everyone else. What you will not find are perfect people!  We know that life has its ups and downs. Everyone makes mistakes, people need encouragement and want someone to join them on their journey from daytoday. Our folks strive to be that kind of a friend.  I hope you will take a look at our church and allow us to be a part of your journey of faith as we all walk together under the forgiving grace and mercy of Jesus Christ!”

Donny Anderson, Lead Minister


Don Anderson

Don Anderson



A Special Place for You

A special parking place has been reserved just for you, our guest, near the door. Or if you like, drop off your family at the door under the covered dropoff and then park your car.

A Welcoming Church

You will find friendly faces waiting for you at the door and in our fellowship area ready to greet you upon arrival. We are small enough to know you, and large enough to serve you!

What to Wear

We have a diverse group. Some wear slacks, some jeans, some come in shorts. Casual is probably more our style. Definitely not dressedup. Whatever your clothing style you will be at home.


The goal of our worship is to praise and glorify God. We keep our worship simple, Biblical and without all the flash and show. God’s people in the Bible simply worshipped God from the heartand we strive to do the same.


Singing is music to the soul. It is high praise to God. We are not angelic in sound, but our church loves to sing. Regardless of your ability, good or not so much, we welcome you to join us in praising God through song!


The Bible tells us that the first-century church celebrated the communion meal each first day of the week in order to remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. We continue that tradition at our church. If you are a Christian, we invite you to join us.


Prayer changes lives and soothes the soul. Jesus both modeled for and taught his followers to pray. We encourage our people to develop a strong prayer life and we model that during the various times we are together as a church.

Engaging Message of Hope

The Bible offers hope for life, and we believe in highlighting that message. We want you to leave inspired and encouraged ready to face the week ahead.

Bring the Family

We offer a safe, clean and fun environment for infants through grade 12. Please feel free to bring your children as we love them!


It is because of the generous hearts of our members that we can pay the light bill and help those in need. As our guest, your presence is gift enough. Please feel free to give if you wish but we do not expect it. Our folks come ready every week prepared to support the works of the Muscatine Church.


We are located just north of the corner of Hwy 61 (Bypass) and Mulberry Ave., on top of the hill, across from Casey’s and the Movie Theater.