Reconcile CBI Bank Statements

Reconcile Bank Accounts with Statements

1. Click Bank Transactions

2. Click here to select the correct account

3. Click Correct Account

4. Click Go to Bank Register

5. Click Reconcile

6. Identify the current balance at the end of the statement period

7. Enter the Ending Balance (Current Balance on Statement)

8. Find the Statement Ending Date

9. Enter the Statement Ending Date

10. Click Start Reconciling

11. Ideally, it should be able to automatically balance based on the information provide. If it does not, check the transactions against the statement. Make adjustments until the difference is $0.00.

12. Click Finish Now

13. Click “Attach statement”

14. Find the month you just reconciled

15. Click “Attach”

16. Click here to upload the PDF of the Bank Statement

17. Find where you downloaded the statement and select the statement

18. Click “Open”

19. Click here